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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my calls be answered in the UK?

Yes - First Call Business Communications only offers UK based Live Call Handling services.

Will My Details be Safe?

Yes - First Call Business Communication does not pass on any details of any Client or indeed any callers. Only details of the call are passed to appropriate bodies e.g. Client call details will be passed. To review our full security policy please see Security

Can callers leave a message out of hours?

Yes - First Call Business Communications operates 24hours a day, 365days per year

Can I divert my mobile to my dedicated line?

Yes - but please check the charges with your network first.

Can you put calls through to my mobile?

Yes - SMS is usually the preferred option, however live calls can be patched through to mobiles.

Do I need to notify First Call Business Communications each time I divert?

No – The fact calls are received at First Call Business Communications tells us that you are diverted. However we would ask if this is out with normal operating times of your contract that you contact your customer services representative in advance of activating the divert.

How do I set up call divert?

If you pay your line rental to BT, then a simple call to them on 0800 400 400 and you will be able to set up a call divert facility. If your lines are rented through another provider, then they will have a similar system.

I only want my calls answered by certain people - is that possible?

No – All operators are trained to a high standard and are familiar with all clients, in addition to this we have various components within the system to assist should they be unsure, all of which is based upon your instructions.

What hours are First Call Business Communications open?

Normal office hours are 09:00hrs – 17:00hrs. Operationally we run 24hrs.

How long does the set-up process take?

This depends on the complexity of your requirements. A normal standard service can be up and running within a matter of days. For more complex bespoke set-ups it can be 5 to 7 working days.

If I have a client diverted to you and another client phones in, do they get an engaged tone?

No - There is no limit to the amount of calls that can be diverted simultaneously.

Do you hold a log of my past messages?

Yes - Calls are held on our system for 3 months and can be accessed anytime you call.

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