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Call Centre Monitoring

First Call offers a Lone Worker Protection service to give employers and staff peace of mind if they are working alone or at an unfamiliar site.

Find out more about First Call’s Lone Worker Protection service

Many businesses and organisations require their staff to work alone from time to time. Monitoring them is vital in order to minimise risk and provide a quick response if there is an accident or a dangerous situation arises.

The safety of your personnel is paramount, so our Lone Worker Protection service means our operators are always on call, monitoring your staff’s well-being.

We developed our expertise in the sensitive area of medical-response handling where speed of response is vital. Our dedicated teams of customer care staff are fully-trained to answer urgent, critical and confidential enquiries with speed, courtesy and efficiency. You can be sure our Lone Worker Protection service is accurate, quick and efficient.

If you would prefer to speak to us directly about your specific business communication needs, call us on 0800 854 736. For more information about our services, fill in a contact form.

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